Computer Courses

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Computer Courses

Students who have very little experience with computers can learn the basics in this class. The goal of this course is to illustrate how important computers are in modern society and their value in solving problems.

Fundamental operations and functions of the computer will be covered. Specific topics include the use of software applications, the Internet, basic computer functions and the proper identification of computer hardware components.

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Types of Computer Courses


Knowledge of Microsoft Office is extremely important when searching for a new job. Many employers expect job seekers to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This class typically covers the basics of how to set up a document, use a spreadsheet and create a presentation.


DTP is the process of designing newspapers, magazines, books, leaflets, booklets and reports etc. DTP software is used to arrange text and graphics into professional looking. A desktop publishing program also called a "page layout program”.

Tally ERP 9.0
  • Rules & Mode of Account.
  • Basics of Accounting.
  • Accounting & Inventory System with GST.
  • Overview of GST work flow
  • Payroll

HTML is a markup language that web browsers use to interpret and compose text, images and other material into visual or audible web pages.

It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors,and a larger set of technologies that allows more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications. This set is sometimes called HTML5.

C Language

It is the logical unit of the computer. Software is not touchable part of computer. We can only feel it. 'C’ Language sustains portability and eliminates dependancy on machines. Program written in c can run at any architecture with no changes or little one.


C++ is a combination of both procedural and object oriented programming language. Therefore C++ can be called a hybrid language.Being an object oriented programming language C++ supports polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance.


VB.Net is a simple, modern, object-oriented computer programming language developed by Microsoft to combine the power of .NET Framework and the common language runtime with the productivity benefits that are the hallmark of Visual Basic.

Advance JAVA

Java Programming Language was released in 1995 as a part of Sun Microsystems' platform by James Goslin and his team. It was originally called OAK. The language has developed much of its syntax from C & C++ and operates on object oriented methodology.Applications are usually compiled to byte code (class file) in this framework that can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


This hands on PHP Programming course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PHP version 5, a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce. This course introduces the framework and syntax, and covers in depth the most important techniques used to build dynamic web sites. Students learn how to connect to any ODBC-compliant database, and perform hands on practice with a MySQL database to create database-driven HTML forms and reports.


Oracle is a platform that offers everything for a winning deal. It employs Enterprise Training Management and Solutions, Database Design, Database Management, Enterprise Management, Database Application Development with the use of MySQL and other numerous resources in which you can build your bright career.


Lakshya Education Hub offers Photoshop Training course that carefully designed to match industy needs as well as individual career goals. Our photoshop experts teach you working on graphics, website layouts, image editing and special effects.Adobe Phoshop is the best image editing tool for creating professional graphics for print media and websites.

Adobe Illustrator

It is also geared towards various type of drawing, such as fashion design, cartography, cartooning or architectural drafting. Since the vector design system is so flexible, Adobe Illustrator courses can be helpful to creative professionals in nearly any visual discipline.

Adobe Premier

Adobe Premiere is a powerful program for video editing. Adobe Premiere helps we create dynamic video or film editing. This course helps we understand and work with basic through advanced concepts and features of Adobe Premiere. We will run through a standard series of steps for creating, editing and fine-tuning a series of video pieces.

Adobe After Effect

Our Adobe After Effects training courses are taught by industry-experienced professionals, we believe in offering you the best value for your money. Adobe After Effects course structure is a highly complicated software thus we have incorporated our training courses with easy learning-oriented and encouraging environment so that we can fully tackle the complexities and teach you how to overcome them with the help of experts. These skills are sure to make you more valuable at your workplace.

Adobe IN Design

Adobe InDesign is a professional desktop publishing application you lets you create stunning page layouts, creative print media, e-books and other digital publications faster and more efficiently. InDesign is built for designers, prepress and production professionals, and print service providers.


ASP.NET platform is compatible Web based development that overcomes a number of limitations of earlier version. Its architecture is outlined, part of compilation, the Page class and code-behind.Web Forms are introduced, including server controls, view state, life cycle, and the event model. Request/response HTTP programming is covered in this modern framework. Microsoft Visual Studio is opted to facilitate the development of Web applications and buidling User interface design.


Java Programming Language was released in 1995 as a part of Sun Microsystems' platform by James Goslin and his team. It was originally called OAK. It is currently one of the most popular programming languages being used, known for its secure and robust feature that is highly supported in such framework.

Corel Draw

CorelDraw (styled CorelDRAW) is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. It is also the name of Corel's Graphics Suite, which bundles CorelDraw with a bitmap image editor, Corel PhotoPaint, and other graphics-related programs (see below). The latest version is designated X6 (equivalent to version 16), and was released in March 2012.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a tool for creating animation and multimedia content that shows consistently across desktops, mobile devices, and different browsers.Adobe Flash training at Lakshya Education Hub will teach you how to create Flash projects using animation techniques for both beginners and advanced users. This knowledge will help you to create videos with bidirectional streaming of audio and video, games, or computer animations.

Web Design

Web Design course is ideal if you’ve always wanted to create your own website but lacked the skills or knowledge to do so. Aimed at both the novice and intermediate web-designer, this comprehensive, easy-to-understand course will enhance your understanding of web development tools and techniques.


This course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level IT Literacy programme for the common man. This programme has essentially been conceived with an idea of giving an opportunity to the common man to attain computer literacy thereby contributing to increased and speedy PC penetration in different walks of life.


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